Thursday, 2 October 2008

On Expressing Nasty Fantasies About Girls Aloud

The Girls Aloud fantasies of Darryn Walker - see here - appear to be extreme, violent, nasty, and revolting.

He should not, however, be prosecuted for expressing these fantasies (and publishing them on the Web), unless it was part of an attempt or conspiracy to carry out the fantasised acts.

This is an awful case, and if the allegations are true then Walker is - in my view - a worthless human being, but even this case is not one which should buck the principle of free speech.

(Thanks Helen for forwarding this case to me.)

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Helen Barnard said...

I shall certainly be interested to see what a jury makes of this.

Given that one can (subject to one's age, of course) quite legitimately watch a range of "torture porn" at one's local Odeon, etc (how many sequels to "Saw"??!), it's a little difficult to see what makes this rather sad individual's description of his digusting fantasies more suitable for criminal sanction. The fact that the ficitional victims in this case are real, living individuals does not (or should not) determine whether the "work" is obscene.