Sunday, 21 August 2011

Jack's Diary - 21 August 2011 - a couple of things about me and Twitter

I am a bit jaded with Twitter at the moment, especially on the conversational side.

I am sure that it is my fault for "asking for it" but the routine sweary abuse and trolling is now tiresome. (By trolling, I mean someone sending a sequence of adverse or provocative messages with no sincere interest in any constructive dialogue.)

That said, it is a good way of promoting my work and things which I see as of interest or concern.

So, at least for a while, my @davidallengreen account will be used mainly as a channel for links and comments on legal stories and such things, as well as links to my other stuff and activities. I have another Twitter account for friends and contacts I know in real life, but that will be restricted.

I will also stop regularly deleting all my tweets on the @davidallengreen account.

I did this for three reasons: first, they are ephemeral by nature (and so thereby no inherent reason to retain them); second, as a form of risk management against frivolous complaints or threats of litigation (one cannot eliminate the risk, as tweets are stored elsewhere - I am happy to stand by each tweet, but not happy to waste time and money on the mischief-making of others); and, third, it meant I never got to see just how many tweets I had sent...

However, if @davidallengreen is just going to be a channel for links then there will be not as much need to delete.

[10 September 2011 - have done a complete tweet delete, more out of habit than anything. Will try and avoid another one.]

Any thoughts welcome. I have always enjoyed blogging more than tweeting, and this seems rather a good compromise.


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Matthew said...

Sad to hear this. I always enjoyed reading your opinions.
But it's your life, and I know twitter can be a massive drain on time.

myparrotsteeth said...

I see your logic, although I do still find it saddening. I've become an almost-instant fan of the NS over the past couple of weeks and it's in no small part thanks to the charming blend of personal commentary and aggregation of interesting articles that you, as well as Helen Lewis Hasteley and Steven Baxter, employ on your Twitter accounts.

Sincerely hope this is a temporary experiment, it would be a shame if the trolls affected your behaviour to the detriment of us all. I doubt I'm alone in being a fan of your writing, nor am I alone in appreciating it quietly, perhaps too quietly. Perhaps we could simply be more vocally supportive in future in order to increase the applause/snark ratio?



andreasmoser said...

What is a Twitter?

Tannice said...

I personally think this is a shame as I have always enjoyed reading your tweets and your conversations with others.

@pace said...

The strength of Twitter is its ability to connect respected personalities to general users. I've seen usage changes with other people of interest on Twitter and have never continued to follow 'post-change'.

For example, Russell Davies (@russelldavies) when he created @undermanager as a watered down version for his general followers he had no connection with (me being one of them). I felt myself almost offended. I had great insight into how he worked and had it taken away because I wasn't deemed worthy. I refused to follow 'undermanager'. Not to suggest what he did was wrong, or my entitlement was warranted, I'm merely recounting my experience.

It's is still perfectly correct for people to say social media platforms like Twitter are in their infancy and users of all popularities are still finding their feet whilst the platforms shift beneath them — so it's understandable that users in the spotlight are forced to change tactics.

Saddened to hear of your bad experiences, hope it gets sorted either way so you're not subjected abuse/time-wasting.


Hildegard said...

Sorry to hear the trolls have got you down. Especially as @GaijinSan has also signalled his retreat from Twitter (hope it'll be temporary).

I've enjoyed your mischief as well as the informative side of what you do - your recent exchange with John Cooper, calling him a yamyam, etc, actually made me frighten the cat, so loud were my hoots & cackles.

Newschmoo said...

I have not been on Twitter that long (still learning the ropes) and have liked reading your tweets and the links raised. It does seem a shame that you feel you must go down this route. I will of course continue to read your blogs.

Pete said...

What a shame. Don't always agree with your tweeted opinions but you are one the very highest quality tweeters out there. Hope you come back soon.

muddytracks said...

I shall miss your tweets. I hope you don't stay away for too long

twaza (@wassabeee on twitter) said...

the intensity and offensiveness of trolling is directly proportional to the worth of your opinions - i expect (and hope) that you will miss them so much that you will be back soon

@anne_f_ said...

I agree with most of your commenters, they have expressed more fluently than I can how much we enjoy your breadth of knowledge, your humour and the thought-provoking nature of your tweets. Your tweets and blog posts show intellect without condescension, something that many "bloggers/tweeters with a brain" seem unable to achieve.
And let's not forget the Banshee photos....

Anonymous said...

This really pisses me off. This is the third instance in the past month that people I follow with a large amount of followers have mentioned trolls and nasty comments affecting their behaviour.

Sorry to hear it is bad for you.

In June Charlie Brooker gave the best advice ever

Craig M

Rahul D'souza said...

I'm sorry to hear that you will only use this handle for links. Loved your periodic tweets, helped put many happenings trending in the twitterverse into perspective (legally). While I enjoy your blog a lot it is not always possible to read it on the go. I hope you reconsider, but I can only imagine how bad the negative tweets might be.
In India an activist is trying to pass a destructive legislation and one of my status updates on facebook criticising him drew considerable abuse (and encouragement). Some of the angered people (friends?) called me unpatriotic, politically apathetic, and ignorant. Though this was light abuse it affected me deeply, so I am with you.

SteveEvans77 said...

It is understandable, but I do think it's a bit sad. Twitter (for me, anyway) is often at it's best when I'm watching two or three smart people discuss something. I've enjoyed watching some of your conversations with CharonQC for example, and have learned from them... it'll be a shame to lose that.

Ultimately, though, it's not about me, and I can only imagine how long it would take me to get thoroughly fed up of the trolls if I had anything like the amount of followers you do. One of the perks of being a nobody, I guess!

Best of luck to you, Sir.