Friday, 5 August 2011

Jack's Diary - 5 August 2011

Right, I am going to try and do more updates here on what I am doing elsewhere.

At the New Statesman, I did a post today on "The Struggle for Tabloid Content". This pulls on my general view that to understand the phone-hacking scandal - and a great deal else about the tabloid press in this country - one has to grasp the dynamics of the newsroom and how "stories" are put together.

One reason we have the developing scandal now is that the means by which content was bought and sold, and obtained originally, will have left lasting evidential traces: financial and computer records, for example.

So that is why it will not just "go away".

I have also restarted "the book". I found writing the general "bad law" one a chore, and I am bored shitless of writing about libel. (I like to think that I have done my bit for libel reform, unless a new illiberal and misconceived case comes along.) So the new book is about privacy; and I have a plan, loads of materials, and a research assistant. Let's see how that goes.

I am also doing more podcasting and - gulp - even television stuff. I have no doubt this will end badly. However, in the meantime, please do listen to the Without Prejudice podcasts, which come out roughly every two weeks. And, if you really must watch, here is me (and, yes, that is my hair) on Sky News.


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